July 1, 2020

A message from the Chairman; Captain Rob Newberry

To members of Delmarva Fisheries Association from Captain Robert Newberry, Chairman: To the members of Delmarva Fisheries Association, as put forth buy Delmarva Fisheries for its members, the 5-day option for the season was our choice with the bushel limits remaining the same. As explained in our letter to DNR, the reason for this was to let the buyers set the market, with the ability Ivar waterman to work even on the days when there is not market if they so desire. This was unanimous amongst all of those that we represent here on the Eastern Shore. The reason the decision was made to go as status quo for this year was based on the indecisiveness of the industry. Please understand, there are individuals out there that do not represent the majority of the industry as does Delmarva Fisheries, and there move to choose another option was the reasoning behind DNR’s decision. It is with regret that I have to mention that we can all be on the same page. Factors that say they represent the industry, in reality, do not have the industry’s best intentions in hand. They seem to be scared of these environmental groups that will step out and lambaste them for wanting what is right. Delmarva Fisheries Association does not care what these environmental groups want, and as stated in the governor’s executive order they are not essential personnel as the waterman I’ve been designated. Until these other groups realize we need to stand up as one voice and be represented by somebody who knows what they’re doing, things like this will constantly continue. I just wanted to put this out for you to see why we constantly have to fight so hard. Work hard and be safe as we will all get through this together.
God bless
Captain Rob Newberry
Delmarva Fisheries Association Inc
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