May 18, 2017

Man O’ War Shoal

May 2022:

We’ve been working to ensure that the agency assessments of the environmental and economic impacts resulting from the grounding and re-floating of the container ship Ever Forward are properly scoped and thoroughly conducted.  As explained in the attached letter to MDE and DNR, the efforts to refloat the ship by way of large scale dredging with environmental cautions thrown to the wind gives an opportunity to showcase the hypocrisy in the opposition reasoning to dredging shell from Man O’War Shoals.

Letter to MDE and DNR re Ever Forward Impacts Assessment (May 27 2022)


Feds Give Qualified OK to Dredge Oyster Shells from Man O’ War Shoal
Bay Journal, 18 June 2018

US Army Corps of Engineers Provisional Permit for Oyster Shell Dredging
USACE, 17 May 2018

DFA Written Comments to BPW Regarding Man O’ War Shoal DNR Dredge Permit

DFA Written Comments Regarding Man O’ War Shoal DNR Dredge Permit

DNR Dredge Permit App to USACE

DNR Project Summary Man O’ War Shoal Dredging 

Man O’ War Shoal Dredge Permit Notice USACE

DFA Letter to Jeannie Haddaway Riccio 

DFA Letter to Abbie Hopkins 

DFA Letter to Jeannie Riccio