September 15, 2016

Brian Nesspor

Brian Nesspor was born and raised in Kent County, Maryland and has worked on the Bay as a commercial waterman since he was a young man.  His wife Amy, who is a Judge in the Kent County Orphan’s Court, is also a native of Kent County.  Brian continues to earn a living as a commercial waterman and hopes that a next generation of young men who have been raised in the DelMarVa region will be able to follow him and earn a living on the water. 

Brian is serving his second term as a Councilman of the Town of Rock Hall. 

Brian appreciates the importance of sustainable fisheries.  The fisheries in the DelMarVa Region are interconnected and interdependent.  Too often during his lifetime, sectors of the seafood industry in the region have worked at cross purposes or with a myopic vision.  He is excited to help an organization that will seek to unify the different sectors of the industry and work to enhance and improve sustainable fisheries in the region.