September 15, 2016

Floyd "Bunky" Chance

Floyd “Bunky” Chance was born and raised in Talbot County, Maryland. His parents were grain farmers and he worked the family farm, but dreamed of working on the Bay. Bunky is now 55 years old and the captain of a commercial fishing vessel, Our Daily Bread, that harvests oysters and crabs and has been doing so for the past 35 years. He also has a retail outlet where he sells some of his catch.

Bunky has served as the President of the Talbot Watermen’s Association for __.

Bunky has served on the Board of Directors of the Maryland Watermen’s Association for __.

Bunky is excited about working to establish the DFA. He has grown weary of the shortsightedness and ineffective representation to commercial harvesters provided by the Maryland Watermen’s Association. He realizes that all facets of the seafood industry in the DelMarVa region need to work together to preserve the natural resources and the commercial seafood industry. He has been blessed to be able to earn a livelihood on the Bay, but has seen the harm caused by overregulation, the foolhardy expenditure of public resources, and the problems created by bickering factions of the seafood industry. The resource, if managed correctly, has abundance for all.