February 28, 2023

Governor Moore Expresses Plans to Work with Watermen Community

EASTON, Md. – Maryland Governor Wes Moore is making efforts to reach out to the watermen community.

Speaking in Easton on Tuesday, The Governor emphasized the importance of including everyone in discussions regarding environmental plans, stating that he wants to ensure that everyone, including watermen, has a seat at the table.

Moore expressed his gratitude to Rob Newberry of the Delmarva Fisheries Association for representing the watermen community and promised that his administration would give them a voice.

“We want to make sure that they know they have a seat at the table. Often times and the frustration for a lot of people in the watermen community is that these policies is something that’s being done to them, and I understand that frustration,” said Governor Moore.

Governor Moore announced $69 million to combat climate change. He had previously committed to fully funding the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund, emphasizing his administration’s commitment to environmental initiatives.

During his first visit to the Eastern Shore since his inauguration, the governor highlighted the importance of the watermen community, which plays a vital role in the state’s economy.

Newberry expressed his optimism about the governor’s efforts, stating that the ball was now in Moore’s court. He added that he had a good feeling that the governor would be on their side.

“The ball’s in his court as I said, the ball’s in his court so you know, trust but verify. But we’ll see what happens, but I have a good feeling that the Governor is going to be on our side,” said Newberry.

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