September 24, 2018

Jeremy Blunt

Captain Jeremy Blunt first developed interest in the boat and sport fishing world when he went to work at Stoney Creek Bridge Marina in Baltimore where he gained valuable experience running boats around the marina and acquiring general knowledge of boats. After a few months, he was able to get a job with the marina mechanic. Jeremy helped him haul out, block and winterized all the boats for the winter.

Through his job at Stoney Creek, he had the opportunity to crew a boat from Baltimore to Ocean City (OC). The day after arriving in OC Captain Blunt went tuna fishing for the first time and fell in love with offshore fishing.

That summer he was hired by the Ocean City Fishing Center as a dockhand. His summer working the dock led to getting Captain Blunt’s first job on a charter boat that averaged 100 trips a summer and Captain Blunt learned the ins and outs of charter fishing.

Captain Blunt got his 6 pack captain's license in 2002 and after years with various boats, decided that he wanted to run his own program. His current boat, the Wrecker operates charters out of the Ocean City Fishing Center. Captain Blunt is a member of the Ocean City Marlin Club and was the first to catch a white marlin in their annual tournament.

Jeremy is a leader in the Ocean City fishing community and advocates on behalf of those that love to live on and work the sea. He brings a valuable coastal perspective to the Delmarva Fisheries Association.