September 15, 2016

Patrick Hudson, Jr.

Patrick Hudson, Jr. grew up in Baltimore where he attended the Gilman School.  He graduated with a B.A. from the University of Virginia in _____ and was planning to attend law school and pursue a career as an attorney.

Patrick’s father worked as a Bay Pilot for most of his life and Patrick had enjoyed being out on the Bay with his father.  His father introduced Patrick to a St. Mary’s County family that had operated an Oyster Farm in St. Jerome Creek.  From that meeting, Patrick has gone on to form and manage True Chesapeake Oyster Company, which operates in St. Jerome Creek.   Patrick has been engaged in oyster aquaculture since 2011.

Patrick was intrigued by the concept underpinning DFA.  He is committed to advocating and operating for improvement in the water quality of the Bay.  He believes that there is room for all components of the seafood industry to thrive in the region and that the industry needs to work together, with different sectors of the industry not working at cross purposes. 

The aquaculture business has had to overcome regulatory hurdles imposed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  Patrick hopes that DFA will be a voice for constructively addressing such regulatory hurdles facing different sectors of the seafood industry in the region.