August 12, 2020

Blue Dye/Clams Recipe


1/2 bottle dye in 5 gallon bucket of water. A bottle is 16 oz.
Option – If that works really well then maybe a lesser formula could be tried:  1/4 bottle for a 5 gallon bucket.
Note, the picking bucket will have lots of clams in it so it might only take maybe 2 gallons (or 1) of dye because of all the clams in the bucket.
Add the dye to the picking bucket. Need to let clams sit a few minutes to pick up the dye. Then pour off the dye to save it in the dye bucket for use again.
More information on the dye: CLICK HERE
When ordering overnight or 1 day delivery is available.
The dye comes in a “6 pack”.
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