March 1, 2022

General Assembly Update 03/15/22

Below is a link to the latest Bills of Interest summary for the 2022 Maryland General Assembly session (as of March 15th) listing the proposed legislation that we are tracking and, in some cases, will be providing testimony (written and/or oral at virtual bill hearings).

Bills of Interest 2022 (as of March 15)



2022 Written Testimonies, Handouts & Comments 


Below is a copy of DFA’s written testimony in opposition to Senate Bill 979 – Prohibition of Dredging on Man-O-War Shoals on March 16th, 1:00pm.

SB 979 – DFA Testimony Senate EHEA Opposition (3-16-22) with Exhibits.ReducedSize


On March 3rd, 2022, DFA participated in a teleconference hosted by Senator Elfreth and Ann Swanson of the Chesapeake Bay Commission to review proposed amendments to SB 830; however, final proposed amendments have not been made available as of press time.  Below is a link to DFA’s post hearing comments regarding SB 830.

SB 830 – DFA post hearing comments

Amendments to SB 830 (Natural Resources – Oysters – Spat, Shells, and Substrate)


Below is a link to our written testimony in opposition to House Bill 1228, not having seen the latest amendments. The hearing took place March 4th, 2022.

HB 1228 – DFA Testimony House ET Opposition (3-4-22)



Below is a link to our written testimony in support with amendment to the House Bill 1217 (Natural Resources – Oyster Inspection and Severance Taxes – Increase)
HB 1217 – DFA Testimony House ET Favorable with amendment (3-4-22)


Below is a link the written testimony in opposition to the House Bill 500 (banning dredging for shell at Man O’War Shoal). The hearing took place February 16th, 2022

HB 500 – DFA Testimony House ET Opposition w Exhibits (2-16-22)


Link to handout for legislators about DFA and our priorities in 2022 and Man O’War Shoal

Handout re DFA and MOW Shoal (Feb 2022)


A DFA guest commentary by Capt. Rob Newberry was published in various outlets in response to an op-ed piece by former Senator Gerald Winegrad that was full of outdated and inaccurate information about the wild oyster fishery.

DFA Response to Commentary by GWinegrad



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