May 16, 2022

Connecting Everforward’s Investigation and Baltimore’s Belvedere History by Dennis Forney

This 1900 photograph of the Washington Monument in Baltimore is from the Maryland Historical Society’s archives and is included in a Wikipedia article. This is no mistake. Please read on to see the many-faceted connection between the Washington Monument and Belvedere Shoals.

The United States Coast Guard, out of its Curtis Bay office in Baltimore, continues to investigate the historic grounding of the container vessel Everforward in Chesapeake Bay. Historic because such groundings are a rarity in the carefully marked and charted Chesapeake system.

Coast Guard spokesperson PA1 Oldham said the investigation could take months.

“The investigation is ongoing. Investigations like this are complex and take time to complete. At this initial stage, data from the ship’s voyage data recorder is being translated and examined, interviews are being conducted, and data is being studied to discover the factors contributing to the accident. Whether there is evidence that any act of misconduct, inattention to duty, negligence, or willful violation of the law contributed to the grounding; and whether there is evidence that any personnel or any representative or employee of any other government agency or any other person caused or contributed to the grounding.”

The fully loaded Everforward ground to a halt in the silt and mud of Belvedere Shoals just after dark March 13 when the vessel was making its way out of Baltimore heading for Norfolk.

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